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What is Liposuction

Liposuction (or lipoplasty) is a body-sculpting procedure to remove fat that is unresponsive to dieting and exercising.  This procedure in Plano can be applied to nearly any area of the body and is commonly used on multiple areas during an operation.  Liposuction results in a slimmer and better-proportioned figure.  Liposuction is used effectively to reduce love handles, saddlebags, a double chin, a bulge around the waistline, or other unsightly fatty deposits in order to develop a better shape and create a more beautiful body.

Reasons for Considering Liposuction:

  • Eliminate fat from any of the following areas:
    • Chin and Neckline
    • Back
    • Upper Arms
    • Stomach and Waistline
    • Hips and Buttocks
    • Thighs and Knees
    • Calves and Ankles
  • Create a more proportioned figure

Liposuction is not a replacement for proper exercise and diet.  Instead, liposuction is a reduction procedure for stubborn areas where fat accumulates.  Used in combination with several areas of the body, liposuction can provide a well-proportioned body appearance.  Ideal surgical Plano candidates are those already in good physical condition but have stubborn areas that do not respond to diet and exercise.

The Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction can be done under general anesthesia with the patient asleep or under local anesthesia where the area is numbed and the patient remains awake.  Through a tiny incision, a narrow tube or “cannula” is inserted and used to vacuum out the fatty tissue beneath the skin.  The surgeon determines the amount of fat to be removed by massaging the skin and squeezing the tissue.  After eliminating the excess fat, the incisions are closed by applying a compression dressing or bandage to the area in order to prevent bleeding, reduce swelling, and support the affected area.

There are several different types of liposuction procedures, such as tumescent or ultrasound liposuction, that have developed as a result of recent advancements in new technologies.  Together the patient and the surgeon can discuss which method(s) are best during the initial consultation visit.  Liposuction can last from thirty minutes to several hours depending upon the amount of fat to be removed.  Liposuction surgery is an excellent procedure that can benefit those who want to remove unattractive fatty deposits.

Patient Testimonial

I had liposuction and abdominoplasty and a back lift as well as an arm lift. I could not be more pleased with the result. Dr. Young is a genius.


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Recovering From Liposuction

New techniques in liposuction procedures have revolutionized the recovery process, enabling faster healing times. The extent of the operation will determine the length of the recovery period. Following the procedure, patients are advised to prioritize rest and limit physical activity, as this accelerates the healing process and reduces recovery time. Depending on the targeted area(s) for liposuction, a supportive garment may need to be worn for several weeks after surgery. While some patients may experience minor discomfort, oral medication effectively manages any associated pain. Although complications are rare, patients can mitigate potential risks by diligently adhering to the post-operative instructions. At Premier Plastic Surgery in Plano, we strive to provide optimal care and support throughout the entire liposuction journey.

Liposuction Cost in Plano

The overall cost of a Liposuction procedure is affected by anesthesia fees, hospital fees, post-surgery garments, and medications. Price is also impacted by medical tests, surgeon’s fees, and the exact techniques employed.

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