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What is the MicroLaserPeel?
It is an intr-epidermal laser peel that precisely ablates the outermost layers of the skin.  The procedure is individualy tailored to the nature of the condition to be corrected.

Who should consider a MicroLaserPeel?
If you are looking for more than microdermabrasion or light chemical peels, and have little time for a prolonged healing process, then the MicroLaserPeel was designed for you.
How is the MicroLaserPeel different from Microdermabrasion?
Generally, microdermabrasion only removes the stratum corneum (10 microns).
The MicroLaserPeel is a partial-to-full epidermal peel (20-50 microns) and is performed with topical anesthetic.  Because this procedure ablates deeper into the epidermis, it is the perfect step between microdermabrasion and full skin resurfacing.
How many MicroLaserPeels can be done?  
Typically, the procedure is repeated 2-4 times, spaced 6-8 weeks apart, but many peels may be done to achieve the desired result.

What should I expect after treatment?
You will experience smoother, healthier , more vibrant skin, with a significant, immediate change in skin texture and tightness as compared to microdermabrasion.

How long is the healing process?
Healing takes 3-4 days.  The procedure can be performed on a Thursday or Friday, so you can return to work the following Monday.  Symptoms immediately following the procedure resemble a sunburn, with minor sloughing on the second day.  Redness will begin to fade by the third day, and be easily covered by makeup on the fourth day.
What should I know about pre- and post-treatment?
Your physician will provide you with very detailed pre- and post-treatment information.
Is there a risk?
Following the correct aftercare procedures prescribed by your physician will reduce the risk of infection.  You will return to our office for follow-up visits to ensure excellent healing.

What will happen during the procedure?
Your eyes will be protected with safety shields or glasses.  Contour laser beam will be delivered through a computer controlled device that automatically scans the area of your skin being treated.  You may hear a snapping or popping noise as the laser beam gently removes the outer skin cells.  Your procedure may take a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the size of the area we are treating and the depth of the peel.